Mid-Atlantic Region ACPE

The Mid-Atlantic Region of The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc.

Certification Forms One of the requirements of remaining certified as an ACPE Supervisor is participating in peer review every five years.  Please refer to the following form to guide the review process.  Peer Review Form

Regional Procedures for Certification Materials, Meetings, etc.

1. Our Regional Policy and Procedures Manual says that Presenter’s Reports can be delivered to, or left for, the Supervisory Education Student from 12 to 24 hours prior to that individual’s committee appearance. Presenter’s may email those to the Student, but should check to see that the Report was received by leaving a phone message or text; or by requesting in the first email that the Student acknowledge receiving their Report.

2. If a Presenter has a trip or something that makes it awkward to provide the Presenter’s Report to the Student before that window opens, they can mail the Report to the Certification Co-Chair (me) and I will forward it on during the appropriate time range.

3. The alternative to emailing the Presenter’s Report is for the Presenter to leave the reports in sealed envelopes at the Guest Check-in Desk at Roslyn Retreat Center, 12 to 24 hours before the Student’s Committee appearance. Report envelopes should be left for the Student and for each Committee Member separately.

4. All students appearing before Certification Committees are responsible for assembling their materials in a user-friendly notebook and mailing it as a hard copy to the Presenter by the Certification Deadline posted on the Regional Web Site. Materials to the other Certification Members can be sent by email. This follows the pattern established at the National Certification Commission level for Associate and CPE Supervisor, so we are in line with the best practice at those levels.

5. In past meetings, when Students have left out documents or patched mailings together in more than one email, it has dumped the responsibility for organizing the materials onto the Presenters. Sometimes this can add two hours or more to the task of the Presenter. It is the Student’s responsibility to learn how to assemble and present their materials in a way that makes them user-friendly and accessible to each Committee member, while presenting themselves in the best light.

6. The website posted date in this Region means “materials in the hands of the Presenter and Committee Members”. It does not mean “materials mailed by” such a date. This is a Regional variation different than national commission meetings, and has been the practice here for decades.

7. Materials submitted to any Committee are expected to be of graduate quality in grammar, spelling, etc. It is the Student’s responsibility to make sure those materials meet the standards of graduate-education writing. Use the Spelling and Grammar feature on your laptop/desktop, or employ a proof reader!

8. The Regional Treasurer, The Rev. Barrett Rudd, prefers Money Orders for payment of the Regional Certification Fees of $180 for Candidate and Extension of Candidate. This is because, honestly, sometimes student checks have bounced, which has caused time delays in squaring accounts, etc.  

9. For Certification Committee Members:

A. The Certification Meetings every Fall will follow the Annual Member Meeting which takes place from Monday lunch to Tuesday, about 12noon. That means that our Fall Certification Meetings will always run from 12noon on that Tuesday through Wednesday noon of the following day. Once we even had to have one Committee after lunch on that Wednesday. Look ahead and prepare your schedules to serve as you have agreed in taking the three-year term you are serving. (I always cover my Monday away in the fall with guest speakers.)

B. The Certification Meetings for the Spring Meeting start a day earlier because there is no Member Meeting to follow, so the Spring Certification Meetings will begin at noon on Monday and run through at least Noon of the following Tuesday.

C. The Region pays for each Committee Member’s room and meals on their days of service at each Fall Meeting. Mileage is NOT paid to Committee Members in the fall in the assumption that each would be coming to the Annual Member Meeting anyway.

D. The Region pays for each Committee Member’s room and meals on their days of service at each Spring Meeting, but also does pay mileage for the Spring Certification Meetings. Expense Reports are available from Regional Treasurer Barrett Rudd, or they are on the Regional web site.