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Mid-Atlantic Region ACPE

Awards In the Region

Distinguished Service Award

Normally (though there have been exceptions) one person is selected to be honored each year at our Annual Meeting with the Distinguished Service Award.

These awards have been made almost every year beginning in 1980.

The Board of Representatives is the body which currently has the responsibility to receive nominations and to select the one to be honored.

Criteria for Selecting a Recipient of the DSA

The following is a list of suggestions of criteria to be considered by those who wish to make nominations and by those who will select the DSA recipient; they are suggestions and not rigid requirements; any one nominee may not posses all the suggested characteristics.

 Some type of official relationship with the ACPE.

 Long service to the organization.

 Outstanding service to the organization.

 Innovative practice and/or development of an innovative program.

 Leadership in the organization.

 Recognition by other related organizations for outstanding contribution.

Helen Flanders Dunbar Award

Whereas, ACPE is deeply indebted to the work of early pioneers in the CPE movement, and

Whereas, Helen Flanders Dunbar symbolizes the pioneering work of both men and women in CPE,

Therefore, be it resolved that the ACPE establish a tradition of awarding the ACPE Helen Flanders Dunbar Award for pioneering contributions to the CPE movement.

Be it further resolved that the first such award will be given to a woman at the 2002 Annual Conference, which will be the 100th Birthday of Helen Dunbar.

We establish the following criteria for this award:

1) exercised a leadership role at a critical juncture in ACPE history; or,

2) contributed academic work of great import to the CPE movement; or,

3) had a foundational role in a new expression or direction of ACPE; or,

4) acquired significant financial resources for ACPE.

Any of these criteria could serve as the basis for a nomination for this award.

Procedure for Selecting a DSA/HFD Recipient

Nominations typically come from Regions, but anyone may make a nomination.  It is incumbent on the nominator(s) to gather and present to the National Office appropriate documents in support of the nomination.  This documentation should include at least a brief biographical statement and a statement of how the nominee has offered recognizably distinguished service to the ACPE.

The President shall schedule a time at the fall meeting of the Board of Representatives each year for the nominations to be considered and for a vote to be taken.

The President shall have the written material duplicated for every Board member present at that fall meeting to review prior to the time scheduled for the discussion and vote.

It is highly desirable that someone representing the nominator(s) of each person nominated be prepared to make a verbal presentation summarizing the written material.

At the conclusion of the time set aside for consideration of this matter, the Board shall, by majority vote, select the person to receive the Distinguished Service Award at the next Annual Meeting of the Association; except that the Board may occasionally decide to make the award to more than one person.

Emerging Leader Award

The Emerging Leader Award was created by the ACPE Board of Representatives at their spring 2010 meeting.  Below are the motions passed which authorized the award.

Motion # 17 ACPE “Kudos” (Emerging Leadership) Award starting in 2011

The ACPE Kudos Award recognizes nine ACPE Members (one from each region) who have been a member for 10 years or less, who have made outstanding contributions to the ACPE community through their initiative, innovative or leadership at the local center, regional or national levels.  The leadership entities of each region will make their nominations to the ACPE Board in the fall for recognition at the following spring’s annual conference.  The recipient will receive a certificate, good for two years, towards registration for any ACPE Academy for Continuing Education course or webinar.

Motion # 61 Honoring Younger Supervisors in the ACPE

Move that “Emerging Leaders” be the title of an initiative that recognizes ACPE Members who have served 10 years or less, one from each of the nine regions, who have offered leadership or service to the ACPE community through their initiative, innovation, or leadership at their local center, regional or national levels.  Nominations will come from regional leadership to their representatives to the Board of Representatives for the fall for recognition at the following spring ACPE Annual Conference.  The award is a $100.00 certificate good for two years to register for courses at the ACPE Academy.  Board Representatives from each region are to bring their nominations to each Fall Leadership Meeting beginning in 2010.

Distinguished Service Award Recipients:

Hugh Maddry - 2007

Marlyne Cain - 2004

Cameron Byrd  - 2003

Agnes Barry - 1999

Al Meiburg - 1994

LL McGee - 1990

Wes Aitken - 1989

Ernest Bruder  - 1984

Helen Flanders Dunbar Award Recipients:

Ted Asfaw  - 2007

Emerging Leader Award Recipients:

Angie Flack - 2015

Biju Chacko - 2014

Cynthia Vaughan - 2013

Sheila McNeill-Lee - 2012

Barbara Bullock - 2011